• Please stay in your car when you arrive for your appointment, text us that you have arrived
  • When you enter our office, please wear a mask

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 Covid-19 Protocol

The following sterilization and disinfection protocols take place in our office.  Many of these have always been in place and some are new to increase our precautions against any virus and especially against Covid-19.  Our office follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  

  • We have the highest grade of sterilization for all of our instruments and whenever possible we use disposable tools.  We use mechanical, chemical, and biological monitors to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process.  
  • We wear appropriate PPE, when handling and processing contaminated patient equipment.  We also wear appropriate PPE when working with patients and follow guidelines to remove and dispose of any PPE that came in contact with patient containments.  
  • Our office uses EPA-registered, highest grade disinfectant after each patient to further disinfect our office and clinical contact surfaces.  We use infrared light wands and towers to disinfect the area.  
  • We use an upgraded air filter to further rid the office of potential contaminants.  
  • We use certified backflow saliva ejectors, single use disposables which prohibits backflow.  
  • Our office uses water that meets the EPA regulatory standards for routine dental treatment.  We use sterile saline water when performing patient procedures.
  • Our Hygienists and Dentists use the highest quality in High Volume Evacuation aerosol suction system to reduce air contaminants.  
  • We have a “Pre Patient Screening” to ensure the health of all patients entering our office.  We also take everyone’s temperature upon entering the office. 
  • We stagger the schedule accordingly to keep the amount of people in our office to a minimum.  In conjunction, we will ask patients to wait in their car for their appointment until the room is fully sterilized and prepped.  Upon entering the office we ask that patients wear a mask.
  • Our office has been cleared of shelving materials, gadgets, and all misc items, magazines, etc. 
  • Before their appointment, our patients will be asked to gargle with Peroxyl mouthwash to rid their mouths of any contaminants. 
  • We have the highest grade of hand sterilization available to our patients and employees in every room.